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If Your Teeth Are Starting to Look Old, Worn Down, and Stained, It's Time to Make a Change.

Professional Teeth Whitening Will Brighten and Lighten Those Stubborn Stains—Achieve a Younger-Looking Smile!

Professional teeth whitening can make your smile appear younger, fresher, and healthier. If you’ve noticed that your enamel looks dull or dark, you may be able to lighten it several shades using teeth whitening treatments!

Our office uses the Zoom! 2 whitening system—one of the best whitening treatments available today. Dr. Lodhia is a certified Zoom! 2 dentist—he can help you achieve a dazzling smile.

Why do so many people pick Abbotsford, BC dentist Dr. Lodhia for cosmetic teeth whitening treatment?

Avoid Dental Sensitivity

The Zoom! 2 whitening system is specially formulated to work for patients with sensitive teeth and gum tissue. If you’re prone to dental sensitivity, you may be able to benefit from this revolutionary, gentle whitening formula!

Results You Can See Right Away
Teeth Whitening in Abbotsford

Patients can see results from professional teeth whitening treatments in just one or two whitening sessions. Zoom! 2 delivers amazing, long-lasting results—many patients can go months, even years, before they need a touch-up.

Superior Whitening Performance

Zoom! 2 whitening is one of the most powerful and effective whitening systems available in dentistry today. The Zoom! 2 whitening system uses powerful ultraviolet energy to whiten teeth better than any whitening system in its class.

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