What Are The Benefits Of The Dental Implant Root? Here’s An Explanation From Our Abbotsford Dentist

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 |

If you are missing teeth, you have probably already taken some time to explore different treatment options for restoring your smile. You may have already heard about traditional treatments for tooth loss, which include dentures and dental bridges. But did you know that using modern dental implants, you can actually achieve a more stable and healthy smile than with conventional replacement teeth?

Let’s learn more from our Abbotsford dental implant dentist

When you lose a tooth, you obviously have a hole in the visible portion of your smile. But did you know that you also have a gap in your bone tissue? Your natural tooth root was occupying an important spot in your bone tissue. When your tooth root was in place, it supported your bone tissue to keep it healthy, and it also helped stabilize the surrounding teeth.

So, as you would imagine, the ideal tooth replacement option would replace not only the top portion of your tooth, but the hidden tooth root as well—that exactly what the dental implant does!

The dental implant root is made of titanium, and our dentist places it right in the spot where your old tooth root used to be. This implant root, once in place, provides all kinds of benefits for the patient, including:

· Keeping the replacement tooth in place—so that it can feel as comfortable and natural as a real tooth!

· Supporting natural jawbone tissue—the titanium of the implant root actually bonds to your real bone tissue (this process is called osseointegration)

You’ll find that it is easy and straightforward to care for your smile once you restore your smile with dental implants! So call our Abbotsford dental implant dentists, or use our website to submit your contact information, in order to get started optimizing your damaged smile!