Learn More About The First Stages Of Dental Veneer Treatment From Our Abbotsford Veneers Dentist

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 |

Patients who are considering dental veneer treatment often have many questions about how veneers really work, what kinds of aesthetic results they can expect post-treatment, and whether veneers are even right for them. Well, as you’ll see in this short article, our Abbotsford veneer dentists spend a great deal of time in the first stages of veneer treatment helping patients understand these intricacies.

For example, when you first come into our dental office, our Abbotsford dentist is going to work to understand what it is that you really want to change about your smile. This is step one of the assessment process: our dental team is making sure that the dental veneers you are considering are capable of delivering all of the aesthetic results that you want.

Generally speaking, veneers can help you achieve all kinds of positive cosmetic results, such as:

· A straighter looking smile

· Minimizing or eliminating gaps between teeth (by using slightly wider dental veneers than your natural teeth)

· Whiter and brighter dental enamel (the porcelain veneer that covers your tooth looks like natural enamel and can be shaded to blend with your teeth)

· Better proportioned teeth

Our dental team will explain to you exactly how your smile will change visually with the application of dental veneers. We’ll discuss approximately how many veneers it will take to achieve your dream smile.

Many patients wonder how we can make sure that their veneers will look great in combination with their natural teeth. Here are some ways that veneers are customized:

· Shaped to match your natural teeth

· Sized to be appropriate for your smile

· Shaded to match dental enamel

· Thin enough so that they do not look bulky once applied

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