Abbotsford Dentist Reviews The Options You Have When Getting A Dental Filling

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 |

A dental filling can help to restore your smile after dental damage or an infection. But you should take special care to receive a type of dental filling that works for you and your dental needs. Our Abbotsford dentist office is here to help you learn more about dental fillings, and ultimately decide on the type of filling material might be right for you.

Historically, patients who needed dental fillings only had one treatment option—the amalgam filling. Amalgam fillings are often called “mercury fillings” because they usually include mercury as one of the component parts. Amalgam fillings combine different metals like silver, copper, tin, and mercury in order to form a strong dental material.

Amalgam fillings are adequate in the sense that they do repair structurally compromised teeth, and with these fillings in place patients can eat, drink, and speak normally. However, amalgam fillings have a few drawbacks, which many patients wish to avoid.

For example, amalgam fillings:

· Look dark on the tooth’s surface, so they are clearly visible, and can even make the tooth look dirty

· May, over time, lead to dental fracture, because these fillings expand and contract when exposed to different temperatures.

· Contain mercury, which many people are uncomfortable with

The alternative that we offer in our Abbotsford dentist office is the modern composite filling. These fillings, comprised of a glass and plastic mixture, are totally metal-free. Plus, composite fillings look white and natural on the enamel (and they can even be shaded to match the patient’s tooth).

As you can see, composite fillings offer a number of benefits when compared to amalgam fillings. Our Abbotsford dentist office is happy to give you more information about your restorative dentistry options. Please just call our dental team to get started, or feel free to submit your question through our website.