Learn More About The First Stages Of Dental Veneer Treatment From Our Abbotsford Veneers Dentist

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 |

Patients who are considering dental veneer treatment often have many questions about how veneers really work, what kinds of aesthetic results they can expect post-treatment, and whether veneers are even right for them. Well, as you’ll see in this short article, our Abbotsford veneer dentists spend a great deal of time in the first stages of veneer treatment helping patients understand these intricacies.

For example, when you first come into our dental office, our Abbotsford dentist is going to work to understand what it is that you really want to change about your smile. This is step one of the assessment process: our dental team is making sure that the dental veneers you are considering are capable of delivering all of the aesthetic results that you want.

Generally speaking, veneers can help you achieve all kinds of positive cosmetic results, such as:

· A straighter looking smile

· Minimizing or eliminating gaps between teeth (by using slightly wider dental veneers than your natural teeth)

· Whiter and brighter dental enamel (the porcelain veneer that covers your tooth looks like natural enamel and can be shaded to blend with your teeth)

· Better proportioned teeth

Our dental team will explain to you exactly how your smile will change visually with the application of dental veneers. We’ll discuss approximately how many veneers it will take to achieve your dream smile.

Many patients wonder how we can make sure that their veneers will look great in combination with their natural teeth. Here are some ways that veneers are customized:

· Shaped to match your natural teeth

· Sized to be appropriate for your smile

· Shaded to match dental enamel

· Thin enough so that they do not look bulky once applied

Ready for more information? Our Abbotsford veneers dentist office is your place to go! Just give us a call.

What Are The Benefits Of The Dental Implant Root? Here’s An Explanation From Our Abbotsford Dentist

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 |

If you are missing teeth, you have probably already taken some time to explore different treatment options for restoring your smile. You may have already heard about traditional treatments for tooth loss, which include dentures and dental bridges. But did you know that using modern dental implants, you can actually achieve a more stable and healthy smile than with conventional replacement teeth?

Let’s learn more from our Abbotsford dental implant dentist

When you lose a tooth, you obviously have a hole in the visible portion of your smile. But did you know that you also have a gap in your bone tissue? Your natural tooth root was occupying an important spot in your bone tissue. When your tooth root was in place, it supported your bone tissue to keep it healthy, and it also helped stabilize the surrounding teeth.

So, as you would imagine, the ideal tooth replacement option would replace not only the top portion of your tooth, but the hidden tooth root as well—that exactly what the dental implant does!

The dental implant root is made of titanium, and our dentist places it right in the spot where your old tooth root used to be. This implant root, once in place, provides all kinds of benefits for the patient, including:

· Keeping the replacement tooth in place—so that it can feel as comfortable and natural as a real tooth!

· Supporting natural jawbone tissue—the titanium of the implant root actually bonds to your real bone tissue (this process is called osseointegration)

You’ll find that it is easy and straightforward to care for your smile once you restore your smile with dental implants! So call our Abbotsford dental implant dentists, or use our website to submit your contact information, in order to get started optimizing your damaged smile!

Abbotsford Dentist Reviews The Options You Have When Getting A Dental Filling

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 |

A dental filling can help to restore your smile after dental damage or an infection. But you should take special care to receive a type of dental filling that works for you and your dental needs. Our Abbotsford dentist office is here to help you learn more about dental fillings, and ultimately decide on the type of filling material might be right for you.

Historically, patients who needed dental fillings only had one treatment option—the amalgam filling. Amalgam fillings are often called “mercury fillings” because they usually include mercury as one of the component parts. Amalgam fillings combine different metals like silver, copper, tin, and mercury in order to form a strong dental material.

Amalgam fillings are adequate in the sense that they do repair structurally compromised teeth, and with these fillings in place patients can eat, drink, and speak normally. However, amalgam fillings have a few drawbacks, which many patients wish to avoid.

For example, amalgam fillings:

· Look dark on the tooth’s surface, so they are clearly visible, and can even make the tooth look dirty

· May, over time, lead to dental fracture, because these fillings expand and contract when exposed to different temperatures.

· Contain mercury, which many people are uncomfortable with

The alternative that we offer in our Abbotsford dentist office is the modern composite filling. These fillings, comprised of a glass and plastic mixture, are totally metal-free. Plus, composite fillings look white and natural on the enamel (and they can even be shaded to match the patient’s tooth).

As you can see, composite fillings offer a number of benefits when compared to amalgam fillings. Our Abbotsford dentist office is happy to give you more information about your restorative dentistry options. Please just call our dental team to get started, or feel free to submit your question through our website.

Learn All About The Possibilities Of Dental Contouring From Our Abbotsford Dentist!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 |

Did you know that sometimes, minor tweaks to a patient’s teeth can make all the difference to the overall appearance of the patient’s smile? One fast, convenient, and effective treatment that can improve aesthetics is dental contouring. In this blog post our Abbotsford cosmetic dentists are talking about what our dental team achieves with dental contouring treatments.

The purpose of all dental contouring treatments is to change the shape of some oral tissues to achieve a functional or cosmetic result. Here are some ways that our dental team uses this technique for our cosmetic patients:

1. Alter dental shapes

Using contouring technology, our dentist can actually change the shape of your dental enamel. This means that we can refine uneven dental edges, as well as buff away surface imperfections on your smile. Tooth contouring can also make large or over erupted teeth appear more appropriately sized for your smile.

2. Refine gum tissue

Laser gum contouring is capable of changing the shape and size of your visible gum tissue. So if you have gum tissue that hangs down over a tooth, or appears too thick, our dental team can reduce this tissue. This ultimately gives your smile a more balanced and polished appearance.

Both of these treatments are very fast and easy to complete. Plus, patients do not have to suffer through lengthy post-treatment healing periods when they choose dental contouring.

If you are interested in either of these treatments, our dental team will examine your smile to ensure that your smile is healthy enough to undergo cosmetic changes. If you are a strong candidate for oral contouring, these treatments can generally be completed in just one dental appointment.

Our Abbotsford dentist office would be happy to give you more information about how small changes can make a big difference to your smile. Please give us a call!

Abbotsford Cosmetic Dentist Answers Patients’ Questions About Aesthetic Smile Makeovers

Tuesday, August 05, 2014 |

If you want your smile to look whiter, brighter, straighter, or more balanced, there are many dental treatment options that can help you achieve your goals. And if you want to transform your smile in multiple ways at once, you might be interested in a complete smile makeover. Ready to learn more? Our Abbotsford cosmetic dentist office is here to help!

Q: What kinds of effects can smile makeovers achieve?

A: Using modern cosmetic dentistry, our dental team can correct almost any dental problem that may be bothering you. We can make teeth look straighter, close gaps between teeth, improve the balance and symmetry of a smile, whiten and brighten dental enamel, and even correct dental cracks and chips.

Q: How long does it take to complete a smile transformation?

A: This depends on the exact treatments that are used to improve the patient’s smile. If, for example, you use dental veneers to improve your teeth, you can achieve full results in just two or three dental appointments. While some treatments, like dental implants, will take longer to complete. We can talk in greater detail about your specific treatment timeline when you come in for a personal consultation.

Q: How do I get started?

A: First, take a look at your smile, and think about what specific changes you would like to make to improve your dental aesthetics. Then, when you meet with our dental team, you can speak frankly about your cosmetic concerns. This makes it easier for our dentist to match your needs with the perfect treatment!

Our Abbotsford cosmetic dentist office can help you achieve a stunning smile that makes you feel confident and happy. We are here to answer your questions and get you on the path to a strong and long-lasting smile. Just contact our dental team to get going!

Abbotsford Sedation Dentist Has The Information You Need About Sedation Dentistry

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 |

Dental treatment does not need to be stressful, painful, or a hassle. With sedation dentistry you can get the dental care you need in a calm and comfortable environment. For all of our patients who are interested in sedation treatments, our Abbotsford sedation dentists have put together this overview of how relaxation dentistry works. Keep reading to learn more…

Our soothing office is happy to offer oral conscious sedation treatment to our adult patients. This treatment option not only helps the patient stay calm during treatment, it actually helps people feel confident before and after dental care.

Q: How long does it take for the effects of sedation dentistry to take effect?

A: In order to start the oral conscious sedation process, you will take a pill at home about an hour before treatment. This gives the pill time to take effect, so by the time that you get in to the office, you’ll feel relaxed and ready for treatment. The good news is that you won’t have to even step into the dental office without the aid of sedation.

Q: What will it be like when I am under the effects of sedation?

A: Oral conscious sedation allows you to be conscious without feeling worried or bothered by anything that goes on during treatment. Although you will be capable of responding to our dental team while you’re in the dentist’s chair, it is likely that you will not remember any of the process once the effects of sedation wear off.

With oral conscious sedation, you can get the cosmetic, preventative, and restorative dental care that you need without unwelcome stress and anxiety. If you want to figure out whether oral conscious sedation can help you achieve your dental goals, please contact our Abbotsford sedation dentist office at your earliest convenience.

Abbotsford Dentist Explains The Advantages Of Mouthwash For Many People

Tuesday, July 08, 2014 |

If you are already brushing and flossing as recommended by your dentist, you are doing a lot to support your oral health. If you are still seeking a way to neutralize more oral bacteria and maintain fresher breath, it may be useful for you to add a mouthwash into your daily routine. Keep reading this explanation from our Abbotsford dentist to learn more.

How does mouthwash help to keep my mouth healthy?

First of all, anytime that you swish a clean liquid around your mouth, you help to loosen remaining food particles as well as dental plaque from your teeth and gums. After rinsing, make sure to spit the liquid into the sink to refresh your mouth. Mouthwash is a great liquid for many patients to swish with, but if mouthwash is not appropriate for you, you can also rinse your mouth with water.

Pretty much all health-promoting mouth rinses are formulated with ingredients that kill harmful oral bacteria. Because bacteria contribute to both dental decay and bad breath, a good mouthwash can help you prevent cavities and gum disease, while freshening your breath.

Some mouth rinses also include fluoride in their ingredient lists. Patients who are particularly prone to developing dental cavities often use fluoride mouth rinses to fortify their teeth and help dental enamel re-mineralization. Talk to your dentist about whether you need additional fluoride in your dental hygiene routine, and if so, whether a mouthwash would be appropriate for you.

Mouth rinses can be very beneficial components of healthy dental hygiene routines. If you feel like your daily oral cleanings could use a boost, don’t hesitate to speak to your dentist about things that you can add to your brushing and flossing practice. Our Abbotsford dentist office would be happy to give you more helpful information—just give us a call!

Abbotsford Root Canal Dentist Office Restores Severely Damaged Teeth

Tuesday, July 01, 2014 |

It used to be that when a patient seriously damaged a tooth, or contracted a deeply embedded infection, he or she was likely to lose the tooth. But now, root canal therapy is a treatment that restores unstable teeth and allows them to remain in place and functional for the patient.

Today, our Abbotsford root canal dentists are going to explain how the root canal therapy process works, and how it can help you.

1. Assessment

Our dental team will need to examine your mouth in order to get a better idea of the extent of your dental damage. If you have a tooth that is infected, chipped, or fractured down to dental core, it’s time to start thinking about root canal therapy.

2. Removal of problematic material

Then, our dentist will clear away all of the infected and damaged dental material from the tooth. As our dentist removes this problematic tissue, he will also clear out the tooth nerves, which extend through the tooth roots. Next, the entire tooth is sterilized to deter re-infection.

3. Restoration

At this point, the only remaining parts of your tooth are healthy portions of dentin and dental enamel. In order to keep your tooth stable and functional, our dentist fills your tooth with a dental-grade inert material. Then the entire tooth is capped off with a natural looking and durable restoration.

At the completion of root canal therapy, you will have a restored tooth that looks great, and still allows you to eat, drink, and speak naturally. Root canal therapy is, for many patients, a tooth-saving procedure. Additionally, root canal therapy can help to prevent other long-term dental problems such as gum disease and jawbone deterioration.

If you suffer from a dental injury or serious tooth infection, speak to our Abbotsford root canal dentist as quickly as possible.

Abbotsford Root Canal Dentist Outlines Key Benefits of Treatment

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 |

We all do our best to take care of our smiles and prevent any type of problematic dental damage. Sometimes, however, dental issues arise, and they simply need to be dealt with by a professional dentist. When a patient has a serious dental infect or damaged tooth, he or she may need to undergo root canal therapy in order to find relief.

Although root canal therapy may, at first, seem intimidating. The truth is that this procedure is quite straightforward, and can be tooth-saving for many people. So let’s learn more about how root canal therapy works, and demystify this iconic procedure.

Every tooth you have has a root. The root of your tooth contains nerves and tissue that extend into the jawbone. As your tooth develops, this root is crucial for providing materials and nutrients to the tooth. The dental root grounds your tooth in the gum and bone tissue, so that you can enjoy a functioning, healthy smile.

When a tooth becomes too thoroughly damaged to save with a filling or conventional crown alone, it may be necessary to perform root canal therapy. During this process, our dental team essentially clears out the inner portion of the tooth, as well as the damaged outer portions. We clean and sterilize the tooth all the way down through the dental root (hence the name root canal).

Once the tooth is sanitized, we fill and restore the tooth with an effective and aesthetically pleasing restoration. Successful root canal therapy allows the patient to continue on with normal life, and avoid having the affected tooth pulled.

It’s important to know that, thanks to the marvels of modern dentistry, root canal therapy is faster, more comfortable, and more effective than ever before. Our Abbotsford root canal dentists pride themselves on delivering the caring and compassionate restorative treatment that every patient needs.

Transform Your Teeth With A Smile Makeover From Our Abbotsford Cosmetic Dentist

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 |

We aren’t all born with smiles that we love, or with smiles that make us feel confident and outgoing. The good news is that even if you were not born with your dream smile, you can still achieve it thanks to modern dentistry.

Our Abbotsford cosmetic dentist office gives patients a number of options from which to choose when it comes to cosmetic and restorative dentistry. In this short article we’ll be talking about some of your treatment options, so that you can get a better idea of what dental treatment can do for you.

Here are some common cosmetic issues, and the treatments that can be used to address each one.

Let’s start by talking about what can be done to improve dark or stained teeth.

· Professional whitening treatments lighten natural enamel

· Dental bonding covers stains and dull teeth with clean looking resin

· Veneers are thin porcelain restorations that adhere to and cover the patient’s natural dental enamel

You might also want your teeth to look straighter, or more seamless.

· Dental veneers can give your smile a refined and straight appearance in just a few dental appointments

· Cosmetic bonding can be used to correct the appearance of minor dental misalignment, and to close gaps between teeth

If you have dental damage (like cracks and chips) on your teeth, you can correct these issues quickly with:

· Dental bonding

· Dental veneers

It is also crucial for patients with missing teeth to find restorative treatments in a timely manner.

· Dental implants replace individual teeth and/or ground full dentures

· Dentures are full arch prosthetics to replace all of patient’s top or bottom teeth

· Dental bridges replace multiple teeth that sit in a row

To get more information about all that smile makeover treatments can accomplish, please don’t hesitate to contact our Abbotsford cosmetic dentist!